25 years of John von Saurma in 5 minutes

I´m a founder with heart and soul. After my training in hotel management, I entered the event industry as a career changer. Afterwards, I worked in the field of events and promotion for many years. My focus was on creation, conception, organisation, cooperation marketing and further development of events and sales promotion.

During this time, I started my own online platform together with a friend. Adman-Lounge was an online platform with Come2Gether Events for advertising and media in Munich. At that time, we cooperated with W&V, Horizont, Kress, Campari Group and Moet, among others.

It was the time when Studio54 was just hammering through the cinemas as a feature film and everyone wanted to party like Steve Rubell and Salma Hayek.

We „lounging“ in P1, Maximilians, Parkcafe and Eat The Rich, the hottest bar in the worldat least back then.

In fact, you can still find a „file corpse“ on Google:

New paths to agency life

Through an opening event for an online portal, I was poached by an agency and had my first contact with the topic of online marketing there. My boss was and is my current business partner at Dukehouse „Chaib Opfergeld“. At that time, my focus was on email marketing, lead generation and affiliate marketing. In 2008 I started the company Matrix Target, which now has a strong network. Here I am predominantly involved in full-service online marketing, specialising in digital strategy, B2B marketing and training. My first social media job was with Leslie Mandoki (https://www.redrock.de/). I still have fond memories of this very exciting time. After that, I went to the Maltesers in Cologne and finally to Bochum to work for VIAKTIV Krankenkasse. Before I joined Audi in 2014, I had a detour to Cannes and Monaco. This was also a very exciting time in which I learned a lot and experienced fantastic events.

Around the same time, I started at Phocus Direct as a digital strategy consultant and was able to learn the basic idea of B2B marketing. Here I also got to know the marketing automation HubSpot and deepened the inbound methodology.

In the summer of 2018, I worked as a Social Concepter at Webguerillas/Territory in Munich. Here I was trained in the CMS Sprinklr. In February 2019, I joined DB Schenker in Essen via the agency DEPT in Hamburg. Here I worked as a campaign manager and was responsible for the global roll-out of a branding campaign. In June 2019, I passed the (CSPO) Product Owner Scrum.

My own brand: Dukehouse

In 2018, I took another significant step: I created my own brand and a lifestyle and wellness drink. So from then on, John von Saurma also stood for quality and his own philosophy of life.

I created several tea varieties in organic quality and have since been selling them successfully through my own online shop.

If you want to know more about it, have a look here:


Long story short

In summary, I see myself as a creative line manager and idea finder, specialising in content research, conception, development and strategy. But I’m also a B2B expert, campaign manager, content marketing fan, buyer persona expert, project helmsman and strategist.

I know very well what an offer has to achieve in order to be successful. I am a consultant at heart and feel comfortable in the stakeholder environment. I offer many years of experience with clients from the industrial environment and 100% entrepreneurial thinking. A doer mentality and sociability round off my profile. I offer over 10 years of event and live communication skills and have been working in digital marketing since 2004.

In addition to the strategic and content-related management of various budgets (account management, marketing, creation and IT), one of my main tasks is the support and further development of teams and the overall project management. I have an excellent service provider and business network.

Would you like to know more about me?

Among my other strengths, I count the helper gene, the ability to be an absolute team player, UX/UI know-how, commercial excellence, collegial leadership style, a very good grasp and efficient time management.

Also interesting: Not only am I a Leo as a zodiac sign, but this noble animal has also adorned the family crest of the von Saurmas since time immemorial.

The Leo element of fire and sun is considered the principle of the formative, creative and creating. The constellation of the lion is connected with the legend of Heracles. Psychology sees Leo as a being of sovereign energy, calmness, breakthrough. People with the zodiac sign of Leo are loyal, noble, ambitious, enthusiastic, optimistic and sociable – just like me!

The claim is programme: I offer creative possibilities for more turnover.

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